Install on Windows

This instruction will show you how to install PaddlePaddle on Windows. The following conditions must be met before you begin to install:

  • a 64-bit desktop or laptop
  • Windows 7/8 , Windows 10 Professional/Enterprise Edition

Note :

  • The current version does not support NCCL, distributed training, AVX, warpctc and MKL related functions.

  • Currently, only PaddlePaddle for CPU is supported on Windows.

Installation Steps

Install through pip

  • Check your Python versions

Python2.7.15,Python3.5.x,Python3.6.x,Python3.7.x on Official Python are supported.

  • Check your pip version

Version of pip or pip3 should be equal to or above 9.0.1 .

  • Install PaddlePaddle

Execute pip install paddlepaddle or pip3 install paddlepaddle to download and install PaddlePaddle.

Verify installation

After completing the installation, you can use python or python3 to enter the python interpreter and then use import paddle.fluid to verify that the installation was successful.

How to uninstall

Use the following command to uninstall PaddlePaddle : pip uninstallpaddlepaddleor pip3 uninstall paddlepaddle