Build Environment

Use docker

1. Install docker

For the installation of docker, please refer to official document

2. Use docker to build environment

First we enter into the directory of paddle-mobile and run docker build . Take Linux/Mac as an example (On windows, it is recommended to run in 'Docker Quickstart Terminal' )

$ docker build -t paddle-mobile:dev - < Dockerfile
Use docker images to show image we created
$ docker images
paddle-mobile   dev     33b146787711   45 hours ago    372MB

3. Use docker to build

Enter into the directory of paddle-mobile and perform docker run

<span class="markdown-equation" id="equation-0"></span>PWD, target=/paddle-mobile paddle-mobile:dev
root@5affd29d4fc5:/ # cd /paddle-mobile
# Generate Makefile in the construction of android
root@5affd29d4fc5:/ # rm CMakeCache.txt
root@5affd29d4fc5:/ # cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=tools/toolchains/arm-android-neon.cmake
# Generate Makefile in the construction of linux
root@5affd29d4fc5:/ # rm CMakeCache.txt
root@5affd29d4fc5:/ # cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=tools/toolchains/arm-linux-gnueabi.cmake

4. Configure compiling options

We can configure compiling options with ccmake.

root@5affd29d4fc5:/ # ccmake .
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 CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX             /usr/local
 CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE             /paddle-mobile/tools/toolchains/arm-android-neon.cmake
 CPU                              ON
 DEBUGING                         ON
 FPGA                             OFF
 LOG_PROFILE                      ON
 MALI_GPU                         OFF
 NET                              googlenet
 USE_EXCEPTION                    ON
 USE_OPENMP                       OFF
After updating options, we can update Makefile pressing c, g .

5. Build

Use command make to build

root@5affd29d4fc5:/ # make

6. Check Output of Building

Output can be checked on the host machine. In the directory of paddle-mobile, build and test/build, you can use command adb or scp to make it run on device.

Without docker

Without docker, you can directly use cmake to generate makefile and then build. It needs to appropriately configure NDK_ROOT to build android with ndk. To build linux applications needs to install arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc or similiar cross-building tools and may need to configure environment variables like CC, CXX; or update arm-linux-gnueabi.cmake in tools/toolchains/ ; or add toolchain file if it is needed.